OBS Studio using Android Phone as IP-Camera

OBS Studio is an open-source broadcast quality software that you can use to create a mobile recording and streaming studio. This guide shows you how to connect an external IP Camera to OBS studio.

The example here use your Android phone as a wireless video camera.

Install IP Webcam app from Google Play Store (Free, or paid a few dollars for ads-free Pro version), start the app and click “Start Server” at the bottom. It is that simple. Note the URL (eg. shown at the bottom of the screen.

In OBS Studio, add (+) a Media Source source, and select Create new and give it a name, say Camera 1, and hit OK.

Uncheck “Local”, then enter the URL that is shown on the phone, with a trailing “/video”, eg. and hit OK

If you setup username/password security, then enter the URL as http://username:password@

Voila, your IP camera is now connected live.

You can resize the source by dragging the red outline, to accommodate multiple sources. You may also define different sources in separate scenes, so that you can transition from one scene to another.

The phone battery probably won’t last very long, so you want to have the phone charger plugged in, especially for event functions

For live event or other reason, you may also want to mount it on a tripod with a phone attachment head.

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  1. Mine just refuses to work, I’ve done everyting you said, got the app, used the port address, everything, but it doesn’t show the camera.

    EDIT: – COLON 8080………..idiot! 😛 Thanks!

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